Working in a professional kitchen is an intellectual and physical challenge. Whether you’re head chef, cook, kitchen assistant such as best and most powerful garbage disposal or you’re in the office scrubbing the dishes. It is a work with a great physical effort, since not only have to be many hours of foot but also because you have to handle very well the positions that the body adapts in the manipulations, with knives, lace, sautees, dippers, and skimmers. With a split game you can be in the kitchen between 10 and 12 hours easily and sometimes some more, so you have to be physically prepared to withstand the heat, standing for so many hours, the tension of preparing a good service … and that usually from Tuesday to Sunday, to say that Monday is the day that normally closes and takes rest in the sector of the Restoration, especially in restaurants.

It is also an intellectual challenge as pointed out since the kitchen is a company or works as a small-scale company in real time. Management by projects. The “cooks minds” have to be prepared to have a correct supply of the products to carry out the daily elaborations, in addition to having clean and ready all the machinery and utensils needed to start working, a “mise en place” (organization and preparation) of the ingredients correctly before proceeding to the elaboration more than correct, a fresh product and prepared properly to be cooked as well as a methodical and technical knowledge that guides them step by step, to obtain an excellent final result for the clients or what In a more colloquial way it is said “to go out the door sucking your fingers”.

The difference between the kitchen and the company is that in the kitchen projects are very short-term, the result is observed in real time, the processes are much more precise and strangled over time, stress management is different and also You can not fail. We are not planning on transparencies the effect of raising the price of a service by 2% on customer satisfaction or loyalty. This is an office game, necessary, but in a privileged way, since this quiet analysis from a chair will allow or not the action of raising that 2% and measure its effects. But we have that time to sit down, analyze and make decisions. Blessed are those who work in that environment because they do not know the advantage that this implies to undertake projects. In the kitchen, it does not work like that. Or you take out the service and it’s rich,

Because eating we like everyone and those who do not like it, they understand it as necessary for their life. And following this premise, in both cases, what we take to the mouth we hope that it is as tasty as possible and also be healthy for our body. And that they take it out in time, warm if it is a soup minestrone and chilly if it is a white garlic with grapes and truffle. Human beings, after all, are very simple and we usually have the same needs, however basic or crude they may be.

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